Play with happy hearts.

My story with dough play began after having my son.  He was a beautiful, snugly little boy and I was so happy to be beginning this new chapter of my life with my new family.  (I had just stepped away from a 14 year Navy career to be home with him.)​

As a toddler, he was a "picky eater," like only 5 things kind of picky.  Everything else I tried caused more tantrums and tears than I could just about handle.  Not only frustrating, but he wasn't eating the well rounded diet he needed.​  We wanted him to eat healthy.   Desperately.   

​So I researched (a ton!) and I found out there's a link between messy play, textures and trying new foods. What in the world?!?  This was news to me!   So, for the sake of my little one, I got into some messy play adventures.  You know, colored rice, shaving cream, finger painting with food... a long list of icky messy things that took longer to clean up than he played with.   His dad even got in on it and we'd do finger painting together. 

Eventually, I tried making homemade play dough... and as you guessed, we loved it!  It was the least "messy" of the messy play we'd tried, and he really liked it.  I'm not sure how much more mess I could handle all over my house! ​ But it worked.  To my relief, he was trying new foods and not freaking out about it.  So relieved!!! 

So fast forward a few years and our pre-school teachers were loving the dough I made for his class. Parents too, and they began asking me to make it for them.  Since I was getting my Master's in Business Administration at the time it was an easy leap to turn Squishy Dough into a business.  

I believe that giggles make your heart happy.  Play with a happy heart.

It's been an amazing 5+ years in business!  Thank you doesn't really cover it. 
I truly have the most amazing, kind-hearted, sweet customers. (kids, teachers and family members included)  

Thank you for the opportunity to bring a little squishy happiness and giggles into your home.
Give it a try today, and tell a friend. 

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